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new items


We enjoy learning about innovative products that you believe would be a great addition to our store. Even if
you’re simply an enthusiast, we want to hear from you.


We ask that companies and reps send a catalog and price list. If you’re a designer or craftsperson and do not
have a printed catalog, please email photos, web links, etc., with all of the pertinent information. Because we
receive a large amount of inquiries, these steps help save time for everyone involved.


vintage items


The majority of our vintage selection comes directly from New England homes. We’re always seeking to
purchase quality examples of 20th century modern furniture, lighting, jewelry, and decorative as well as
functional objects.


You can view the vintage section on this site to get a general idea of our areas of interest. Objects should be
in good condition with no damage. Furniture in need of restoration is always considered. Although our vintage
items usually date between the 1920s to 1980, we occasionally go outside these boundaries. The most
important criteria is that it is interesting and well designed.


If you’re considering offering an item or items for sale, we suggest that you email photos with a description
to info@abodeon.com. You may also phone the store at 617-497-0137 if you prefer.