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jaeger-lecoultre atmos clock -sold-

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Late 1970s Atmos Clock, invented in 1928 by Jean-Leon Reutter.  Made in Switzerland by Jaeger-LeCoultre.  Encased in crystal and polished brass with perpetual motion gears.  In excellent condition. 

The Atmos Clock does not need to be wound manually, but instead gets its energy from temperature and atmospheric pressure changes in the environment and can run for years without human intervention.  The power source is an internal hermetically sealed capsule containing a mixture of gaseous and liquid ethyl chloride, which expands into an expansion chamber as the temperature rises, compressing a spiral spring; with a fall in temperature the gas condenses and the spring slackens. This motion constantly winds the mainspring.

(FYI, new Atmos Clocks retail upwards to $10,000).

Note: Due to the delicacy of the Atmos, we will be unable to ship to the clock.

Dimensions:  7.5” W; 9.25” H; 5.75” D