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fieldstone platter large

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Created from boulders gathered at an array of small working farms in New England, these natural food slabs are made from 1/2” slices that have been hand polished to a glossy finish in a nine stage process and finished with a water-proof, food-safe seal.  From cheese boards to fridge-chilled sushi platters, each makes a unique farm-to-table display for your chosen fare.  Freezer safe; hand wash only.

Behind these platters is a story of farmers battling fieldstones created by retreating glaciers millions of years ago accumulated in the topsoil. Farmers had to remove the stones season after season, and over 250,000 miles of hand-stacked stone walls still frame the New England aesthetic. As hand-stacked walls are now too expensive, boulders must be relegated to clusters. The re-purposing of these stones is a celebration of our farmlands’ heritage.

The stones vary greatly, distinctive with natural edges, colorations, and character.  Allow us to select a striking example for you.  Just add a note in check-out if you'd like a particular color range (i.e. blacks or earth tones). 

Made in Massachusetts

Dimensions: 12" (approximate)

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